How To Leave A Gun Grabber Speechless (Video)

If you haven’t seen this video of a 15 year old young woman addressing the Maryland state legislature regarding gun rights (courtesy of The Maryland Minutemen), take a few moments to do so now. 

The short video speaks for itself, and the gun-grabbers (Maryland is among the worst offenders) did not know how to respond to this eloquent defense of the Second Amendment. However, I would like to highlight a few topics. First, the young lady discusses how she’s been shooting for over seven years has been a member of the Maryland State Rifle Team since she was eleven. In fact, she has gotten so good that she has been offered shooting scholarships for her prowess. However, noting the unintended consequences of gun control legislation (that are never considered) she stated:

Stricter gun control laws would have obliterated any opportunity I would have had could have had to attend a decent college on a shooting scholarship.

Further underscoring the unintended consequences of gun control, she added:

Guns are not needed for mass murder and robbing American citizens of our rights to own them won’t solve anything,” she said. “You must also consider the fact that the majority of gun violence occurs in low income neighborhoods. Raising the overall costs of owning a gun through higher licensing and registration fees denies the ability of low income individuals to protect themselves from the crime focused in the areas they live in.

Finally, she got to the heart of the matter on “gun control”, and what it really means for U.S. citizens:

To abolish or severely limit the right of the Maryland residents, as a whole, to bear arms, which is the intent of the proposed legislation is to essentially defeat the purpose of our own U.S. Constitution. The entire foundation of the United States was formed on the principle that the government, our government, is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Taking away the people’s right to bear arms is taking away the people’s power in the government.

In general, the way the culture has been declining, I am discouraged for our future generations. However, if more intelligent young people such as the lady above make their voices heard, my faith may just be restored.

What do you think?

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