I finally decided to join the blogosphere after much deliberation. After all, there are countless blogs, with innumerable voices and opinions; and did I have the time or dedication to start a blog? After the 2012 elections, I decided that I could no longer simply stand on the sidelines, but needed to get more involved. This is the first step….

…Well, that was the first step. I came to realize that no matter how much I tried to engage in the process with others of a differing political view, no amount of logic could dissuade another from an emotionally held belief, and I had become burnt out on the process (I guess I didn’t have the stamina to keep up the good fight). Simply put, one must experience the truth for him or herself; no amount of debate will change that.

So after a log absence, I decided to relaunch the blog, but not for political commentary. Rather I imagine this new iteration to be more of a lifestyle blog (like there aren’t enough of those already) focusing more on my journey into creating a better me…through fitness, food, and a more positive general outlook on life.

I named this blog Animus Turbare as a reflection of my sometimes muddled thought process – it usually takes me a little time to work through all of the facts and commentary on a particular issue in order to come to a final conclusion (plus things just sound cooler in Latin). I invite the reader to share in this process by frequent and generous commenting. Please note that the opinions in the articles posted on this blog are mine, and mine alone. Quotes, links, and trackbacks are not necessarily endorsements.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

What do you think?

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