A Quick Note

Some may  have notice that I haven’t updated this blog for a while. Unfortunately, on April 29 my mother-in-law passed away of natural causes and we’ve been spending a lot of time with the funeral preparations and getting her estate in order. Now that most of the hard work has been completed, I’ll be returning to regular posts of the next few days. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “A Quick Note

  1. I noticed: not seeing you around here OR on Twitter was pretty apparent, pretty quickly.

    My most sincere condolences on your family’s loss, CTX.
    Take your time: the internet will still be here when you return.

    BUT: it’ll be nice to have you back…

    • I’m still around, kind of. We haven’t been in the best of situations economically ( like many others under this administration ) and we’ve had some technology issue we haven’t been able to fix just yet.

      We’re also still dealing with the legal issues over the land we live on, but that appears to be going in our favor. So I’ve taken a bit of a forced hiatus, that I’m hoping will be over in the next few months. I think my head would have exploded if I was blogging on this administration daily with everything else that’s been going on lol.

      • Partner, it’s just good to know that you’re still breathing.
        We’ve all been where you are, in one form or another.
        Hang in there: we’re praying for you.

        Don’t be a stranger, even if you yell periodically from the local library.

        Again, just delighted to know you’re alive.
        Despite your challenges, may you and the family have a Merry Christmas, as well as a Happ(ier) New Year!!


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