I’m Back (if anyone cares…)

After what seems like a decade-long hiatus, the blogging bug hit me again, and I decided to relaunch this blog. However, I decided to shelf the politics for a more general lifestyle theme based on what has become more important in my life: getting healthy in both mind and body. To be blunt, I got burnt out on politics and in the process found myself extremely overweight, feeling tired all the time without the energy to interact with my 8 year-old boys and with a generally negative disposition.

Then, one day when I was fully embracing my couch-potatoedness, my wife mentioned a post that one of her friends had made on facebook about their dinner menu, which consisted of steak drenched in butter, cheesy cauliflower mash…and some other things. See explained that her friend (and her husband) has lost tons of weight eating food like this on something called the Ketogenic diet. I thought to myself that this was something that I could do too and since I had been thinking of trying to get in shape for some time prior (what person in my shoes hasn’t?). So I looked into it, and began in earnest the next day…

Without going into the minute details, within two months I had lost 50 pounds (I had gotten much heavier than I had ever been in my life – 275 pounds), and was finally in a position to get some benefit out of joining a gym. Fast forward another couple of months and I’m down another 20 pounds while getting fit and adding muscle. I know it sounds cliche, but I’m feeling better than I have in 20 years…well probably better since I was partying in New Orleans for most of my 20s…

So, in short, I’m going to be writing about the continuation of my journey: what works for me, new things and products I try, and in general, things that interest me no matter what they are (yes, including politics). I hope that this new content will prove to be at least somewhat useful and entertaining for somebody…

What do you think?

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