Some Additional Thoughts on Union Violence (Videos)

Somewhat lost in the non-reporting of Union violence during the protests in Lansing Michigan over the state’s new right-to-work legislation was the story of Clint Tarver, “The Hot Dog Guy”. As Dana Loesch reported, the hot dog stand of this community fixture was destroyed during the union attack on the AFP tent.

This reminded me of the union assault on Kenneth Gladney outside of a Obamacare town hall in St. Louis back in 2009. In this case, the victim was a black conservative who was selling memorabilia as a street vendor.

While no one has yet suggested that Tarver was a target for attack, the similarities are striking. At the very least, it demonstrates the blind rage and lack of tolerance that consumes can union members when presented with an alternative viewpoint aren’t those on the left supposed to be the tolerant ones?) Again, Michelle Malkin has a list of the unions’ greatest “hits” for more information.

That the media is complicit in covering up these acts through their silence is just more evidence that they have betrayed their purpose and are working actively to promote their preferred viewpoint, facts be damned. Unfortunately, we have a lot of work to do in the culture war.

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