Why Is The Government Buying Absurd Amounts Of Ammunition?

There have been many recent stories over the fact that the federal government has bought over two billion rounds of ammunition. That’s quite an absurdly large amount considering the White House has stated that this amount is necessary training and firearm qualifications. While on the surface, that is certainly a reasonable explanation for buying ammunition, it certainly doesn’t pass the smell test when it comes to the amount purchased.

This apparent incongruity between the amount of ammunition stockpiled and its stated use has led many to speculate if there is another purpose (or agenda) behind the ammunition purchases.  Some, including noted radio host Mark Levin have suggested that the ammunition stockpile is in anticipation of a financial collapse:

“I’m going to tell you what I think is going on,” Levin offered. “I don’t think domestic insurrection. Law enforcement and national security agencies, they play out multiple scenarios. … I’ll tell you what I think they’re simulating: the collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses.

“I suspect that just in case our fiscal situation, our monetary situation, collapses, and following it the civil society collapses, that is the rule of law, they want to be prepared,” Levin said. “I know why the government’s arming up: It’s not because there’s going to be an insurrection; it’s because our society is unraveling.”

Going even further, In the video below, Pat Robertson suggest the government is planning to use the ammunition on American citizens:

 While not out of the realm of possibility (I wouldn’t put much past the current administration), truth be told, I really don’t think that the government is planning on declaring a civil war and going around shooting “right-wing nut jobs” in the streets in order to further a socialist utopian pipe dream. Rather, I suspect something totally different is in play with all this ammunition being bought up in light of two current situations. First, one of the pet projects of the Left, namely gun control, is becoming less and less popular after the initial shock of the Sandy Hook tragedy has waned and more sensible heads have prevailed (one could argue that the ultimate goal of gun control is to prevent citizens from protecting themselves from government). Second, the current ammunition shortage brought about in part by the government purchases (while there is some stockpiling of ammunition by private citizens in anticipation of stricter gun laws being enacted, it is not at the level of the government stockpile, and is being hindered by same).

Taking the above into consideration, it seems to me that the current administration is attempting to implement gun control by doing an end run around the  2nd Amendment, and creating an artificially induced ammunition shortage. After all, a gun without a bullet is not very useful at all. I’ve long thought that a more effective means of disarming the population that gun control would be “bullet control,” and to my eyes, it looks like the government agrees. In this manner, they can mitigate their failure to pass more weapons bans by rendering lawfully purchased gun useless.

While certainly not as shocking as a potential war on Americans, I think that this explanation more reasonable in light of recent events, and certainly fits the administrations M.O. of trying to circumvent the law to obtain their desired outcome, regardless of what it costs to do so. However, I’m interested in what others think about the government ammunition stockpile, so I created a poll with the most common explanations. If you have another view, please let me know in the comments why you think the government is purchasing the ammo.