Double Speak? New Speak? No, Just Obama Speak

Remember this from about a month ago:

What a difference a few weeks makes, because apparently Obama’s “balanced approach” does not include a “balanced” budget:

My goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. My goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work, and if we do that we are going to be bringing in more revenue.

Excuse me, but um, Mr. President., a balanced budget – such as the one proposed by Paul Ryan, which you dismiss offhand – will add about five million private sector jobs (using your own estimates), grow middle class incomes, and increase GDP by 1% annually over current law, according to a former head of the CBO. Not to mention that it’s only common sense: once issues such as spending and tax rates are locked into a budget, private sector business are able to be more confident in their own future projections, so that they can begin hiring in confidence again. As a result, the economy grows and the number of taxpayers increases and revenues to the government increase without (gasp!) raising taxes.

But then again, that’s not the point. Obama isn’t really interested in a balanced anything. Instead, he uses rhetorical devices to mislead the people and basically say one thing while meaning another. Therefore, while you, me, and everyone else considers balance to mean that you don’t spend more than you take in, to Obama it means raising taxes to take in more so that he can spend more, all the while pushing non-existent cuts in spending.

Unfortunately, this as just business as usual for a president who directs his administration to make the sequestration reductions in the increased rates of future spending as unecessarily painful as possible, then announced that the White House would no longer be giving tours to citizens (mostly school children) as a result of the “cuts,” then, of course, claim that he had nothing to do with the cancelation of the tours – essentially blaming the secret service. You can skip to about 2:40 in the following video to hear the deflection straight from the president’s mouth:

Perhaps this type of Obama speak is why Americans as a whole are beginning to get fed up with Obama, and his approval numbers are starting to tank. One can only wonder, though, how in the world this man was re-elected by the same people who, when asked, consistently oppose his policies…

triple facepalm

7 thoughts on “Double Speak? New Speak? No, Just Obama Speak

    • I think maybe at this point, all people hear when he speaks is “its the evil rich republicans’ fault your life sucks” and “more free stuff”. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

      • That’s about it… and “a chicken in every pot”. And he was talking about this vibrant economy bubbling over. Even his illusions aren’t that good anymore. There’s a giant sucking sound in Washington and one at the gas pump, but “ain’t it great?”

  1. You may be more right than you know, CTX.

    I’ll assume you have, but just in case: have you actually picked up your copy of ‘1984’ recently? It’s quite a ways past creepy how close we’ve come to Oceania, and the verbiage which we hear regularly.

    And that’s just right now.

    • Honestly, it’s been a little longer than it should be; then again, I was always more of a “Brave New World” guy, myself. However, Orwell was definitely right on the money with Newspeak…up is down, right is wrong, balanced is unbalance, cuts mean we still spend more. I wonder if he even realized how much of a prophet he would turn out to be?

      • Thankfully for his sake, I don’t think anyone this side of Cassandra has ever been totally confident of their predictions.
        No, I think he saw it coming, and feared it, but that book was still pretty far out even in the 80s. Plus, as stark and bleak as Orwell wrote it, I have to believe he felt things would never get quite that bad.

        And yet, here we are.

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