Conservative Musician Spotlight: Mark Scudder

I recently opined about the nature of the culture war, and how a “surge,” or recommittment is sorely needed. Along those lines, I was made aware of a conservative musician in a comment by Jerry Wilson, named Mark Scudder. So I checked him out and liked what I heard.

So, I got to thinking that the more people were exposed to conservative artists and musicians, it would help bring introduce their (and our) message into pop culture. After all, the more people are exposed to ideas, even (and maybe especiually) through music, the more those ideas become part of the “collective unconscious,” so to speak.Toward that end, I though I’d spotlight Mark Scudder’s work in a post.

According to his Bio:

The notion of “The Solution is the Problem” is a recurring theme in Mark’s work. “I feel so much of the time that the only way to get ahead, in life and especially in music, is to be something you’re not. This particular notion takes countless forms, if you get into specifics, but it all comes back to that – the problem is that everything is fake, and the solution, for so many people, is like the old saying, ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.’ And the cycle repeats for another generation.” While the subject seems unavoidably negative, Mark’s work ranges from the dead serious to the tongue-in-cheek and funny – including comically cynical songs like “Moving to Silence,” about an old girlfriend who was proud of her head-in-the-sand approach to relationship problems, and “Follow Me (The Hypocrite Song),” a politically-charged song whose chorus ends with an all-too-familiar refrain: “Don’t you know the only way you’ll be free is if you follow me?”

The song that I’ve chosen to spotlight today is called “Free.” I really enjoyed this one. The description of the song from his site:

“Free,” originally released before the history [sic] 2010 midterm elections, was a “protest song” about the overreaching iron fist of government that most musicians spend their careers trying to keep in office.

If you enjoyed the song as much as I did, please support Mark Scudder and his music. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel (, and his website has an online store to purchase his music digitally or as a cd (the standard version CD is $9.99). Also, tell your friends, write a blog post, tweet about him (and follow him on Twitter: @mark_scudder) and other conservative-minded musicians. The more we can get the conservative message out there in the world of popular culture, the easier it will be to fight the culture war.

2 thoughts on “Conservative Musician Spotlight: Mark Scudder

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! The directions things have been going can be so depressing, I wanted to start focusing on some more positive topics (and I always enjoy finding new music/art).

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