More Evidence Leftists Are Knuckleheads

While I was surfing around the internet looking to see if there were any new sequestration cartoons for an update to my recent post, I came across this cartoon from Ted Rall:


This one cartoon brilliantly captures the mindset of the left: if their guy does it, it’s OK, but if an evil conservative does the same thing, well then it’s just plain evil. Call it what you like: leftist hypocrisy, an Obama cult of personality, a conscious decision to suspend one’s supposed moral outrage for political purposes, or simply leftist sheeple falling in lockstep with whatever leadership and the media tell them to do, it’s just one more reason to expose them for the frauds they are. Just one more reason to defeat them in the culture war.

3 thoughts on “More Evidence Leftists Are Knuckleheads

  1. So, basically: “Whatever OUR side says is ok, is ok. Whatever THEIR side says is wrong, is wrong.
    ….even if it’s the same thing.”
    Yeah, that sounds about like tribalist, Leftist logic.

    Smart Power, indeed.

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