New Page – Classic Civics Lessons

After seeing the following tweet last night:

I got to thinking that Cosmoscon was exactly right. There is value in these old cartoons from the ’70s. Many of my generation got mini civics lessons from Schoolhouse Rocks while we were watching our Saturday morning cartoons (back in the stone ages when I was growing up, that was the only time new cartoons were on). So I decided I would devote a page on this blog to collecting these lessons in one place for the young and old alike to enjoy. Thanks to “@johngalt4258” for the inspiration!

If there is enough positive reaction, I’m thinking about adding more pages. In the meantime, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “New Page – Classic Civics Lessons

  1. Bought that video series for my boys year’s ago.

    It’s amazing how many of the tunes you can remember, even after all these years.
    The Preamble, the Shot Heard ‘Round the World, etc,…
    Great stuff.

    • I remember several years back when they came out with a CD of currend bands doing covers of the Schoolhouse Rock songs, but hadn’t really though much about them until I clicked on the link in Cosmoscon’s tweet adn watched the video at Thought it would be nice to collect some on a page both as nostalgia, and a reminder of how far down we’ve come.

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