In Honor Of Breitbart, It’s Time For A Surge In The Culture War

Admittedly, I’m new to the “Right-O-Sphere,” at least from an action point of view. That’s not to say that I wasn’t following closely and keeping myself informed. That’s how I became aware of Andrew Breitbart – mostly through his television appearances. Even though I never knew the man, I could tell that there was something about him that made you want to listen to what he had to say – and he knew what he was talking about. He had a charisma that came through the TV screen and made you take notice. He Andrew Breitbartwas one of the influences that made me start this blog.

To be sure, this is not a tribute piece. Not knowing the man personally, I think it would be inappropriate. Besides, there are several moving tributes from his close friends, to which I could add nothing. I recommend reading this and this to get a personal view of the man. Rather, on the first anniversary of his passing, I would like to highlight a quote of his, and use it as a renewed conservative call to action:

The left is smart enough to understand that the way to change a political system is through its cultural systems

           -Andrew Breitbart

I think, in general, we all have a sense that this is true, even if it did take Breitbart to articulate it before we really took notice. The left has been infiltrating our schools and colleges/universities for decades and using them as indoctrination centers for leftists ideas. They have taken over Hollywood, so that even in our entertainment, we are being subjected to leftist world views in our movies and television programs, no matter how subtle. Leftists have control of the music industry so their message can be disseminated through our favorite songs (was it also Breitbart who suggested that those who wrote a nation’s songs were more important than those who wrote its laws?).

The point is not to get depressed because the left has been steadily shifting the culture over the past 50 years or so. Rather, the right side needs to refocus our energies on the culture. To those who say the culture war is already lost, I say the news of our defeat has been greatly exaggerated. There has been some real gains on this front with celebrities like Ken Wahl, Adam Baldwin and Chuck Woolery vocally calling for change within social media along with Chuck Norris, Jon Voigt, Robert Davi, and lately Stacey Dash and Patricia Heaton speaking up. There is also a growing community of conservative musicians (aside from country artists who tend to the right). Perhaps it won’t be long before a conservative businessman starts a movie studio, magazine, or other media outlet.

However, if we’re going to educationmake real inroads in the culture war, we need to focus on the schools. We need a whole crop of young conservatives who can dedicate themselves to careers in the teaching profession. It won’t be easy with the leftist gate-keepers, so a little deception might be needed at first, until there are enough conservative educators to voice a strong opposition to the liberal status quo. Once we get there, we’ll be in a position to reclaim the culture, for the good of the country. Time for a surge in the culture #war.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s Breitbart’s CPAC speech in 2012:

8 thoughts on “In Honor Of Breitbart, It’s Time For A Surge In The Culture War

  1. Loved Andrew. HE was a major reason that I finally took the blogging “plunge”, as well, even though my co-blogger set up the blog a year prior.

    Nice piece, CTX. Andrew would approve, I believe.

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