A Quick Note

As you may (or may not) have noticed, it’s been a while since my last post. That was partly by design, and partly due to circumstance. I originally decided to take a little time off to enjoy the Ravens’ playoff run*, and ultimate Super Bowl victory (chew on that, haters!). However, as it often does, life got in the way: I had two cars that needed to be placed in the shop, I ended up with a week long case of the flu (the one time I put off getting my flu shot), and the wind and rain knocked a branch into our satellite dish, kicking me offline for a few days. However, now that I’m over the flu, internet restored, cars fixed and Lombardi in (figurative) hand, I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

*I was born and raised in and around Baltimore, and grew up with the Colts; my whole family were die-hard fans and season ticket holders (see the movie Diner). I even had a neighbor growing up who was the Head Trainer for the Colts before they were moved. Some of my best childhood memories were going to games at old Memorial Stadium. I was living in New Orleans when the Ravens were established, but my die-hard love of my hometown team was quickly revived and lives on, even though I’m now in Cowboys country.

5 thoughts on “A Quick Note

  1. Just ’cause you don’t LIVE near your team, doesn’t mean you don’t ROOT for your team.

    Trust me: there’s not a bunch of Chiefs fans anywhere around me!

    Congrats on your season, CTX. Enjoy the feeling…

    • I was back in Baltimore for the 2001 Super Bowl win, and that was exciting, but it’s sweeter in a way being here in Texas this time – not too long ago people would just look at me strangely when I wore Ravens gear, now people make a point to talk to me about them. Texans (at least around here) seem to like the gritty, hard-nosed way they play (and it doesn’t hurt that there’s not much love for the 49ers here too).

      • Yeah, just say “Dwight Clark” in Texas, and be prepared for a fight. It’s like saying “Wide right” in Buffalo, or “the kicker whom shall not be named” in Kansas City.

        I’m usually happy for the winners, unless they’re jerks. Case in point: Any team with Jim Harbaugh on it I will reflexively root against.

        Glad to see you’ll be back to blogging soon…,
        …and Congrats again!

  2. Sorry for all the bad luck… It must be going around these days… At lease you must have gotten some well needed rest and family time… I know, you could have done without the flue and the tree, but hopefully all calms down soon. 😀

    • One of my boys got sick again over the last few days, but he finally seems to be over it, so we all seem to be pretty healy, and the internet is all up and running again, but yeah it was a pretty bad run (except for the Super Bowl). I’m glad it seems to be over!

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