An Unlikely Ally In Support of Second Amendment Rights…Or Not

A few days ago*, a fairly creepy video made the rounds on the internet. Purporting to be from the hacktivist collective “Anonymous,” it was a pretty straightforward and powerful argument in defense of Second Amendment gun ownership rights and a veiled warning to the Obama Administration if they continued to pursue gun ban legislation. If you are not familiar with Anonymous, they most recently made an internet splash for hacking the Twitter accounts and website of the Westboro Baptist Church in retaliation for their announcement that they would be protesting at the funerals for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.

Anonymous is generally thought to be a more left-leaning “collective” and has identified itself with such “movements” such as the “Occupy” groups and WikiLeaks/Julian Assange, which makes their supposed support of the Second Amendment a bit suspect. However, the group definitely has an Anarchistic bent, and generally does not support government intrusion on citizens’ rights; not to mention some of the stated goals of the Occupy movement are similar to those of the Tea Party.

Therefore, there has been a great deal of speculation regarding the authenticity of the video. At first, the video was declared authentic by the “Anonymous Relations” blog; however, they then retracted the declaration and stated that it was a fake. This then led to several Anonymous members questioning how an anonymous collective could declare the video as “unofficial”, implying that there was some central authority (as well as noting that the video used to authenticate was a mirrored version, and not the original). In addition, many comments indicated support for the content of the video:

I was under the impression that Anonymous is a collective of people with no leaders, no authorities, and most importantly no names. Anyone is a part of Anonymous if they say they are, and the things which Anonymous “does” happen organically in reaction to a collective mindset. You can’t figure out who made that video? Guess why, because he/she’s anonymous, thats the point. If the author of this “We’re sorry” post is attempting to be an authority over the actions of Anonymous, then guess what, its no longer Anonymous. Someone should make a “we’re sorry” post for the “we’re sorry” post.

Gun rights are a serious issue when governments become and/or are tyrannical. It takes guns away from peaceful people, but it doesn’t make guns magically dissapear. If a criminal wanted one, he could still get one. And the smartest criminals could get themselves into positions of power in government. They have all the guns, and apparently all the rights.

So this is not a “fake” video. Its just a video. A video an anonymous person made. If thats not part of Anonymous, then Anonymous is no longer Anonymous.

Regardless of whether the video is an authentic Anonymous message, or if it was done by someone pretending to be part of the collective (or if it is even possible to determine). The message in the video is a powerful, if not creepy, argument in favor of individual rights and against government infringing on those rights, and well worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet:

*I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting regularly lately. I’ve been dealing with two cars in the repair shop, and has been totally distracted by the NFL during the Ravens’ run to the SuperBowl. I expect to return to regular posting in about two weeks.

4 thoughts on “An Unlikely Ally In Support of Second Amendment Rights…Or Not

  1. Enjoy your time, CTX, and I completely understand the hiatus. If my Chiefs were ever to make it to the Super Bowl again (it’s been 43 years, and counting…), I’d go crazy for two weeks.

    Of course, there’s no danger of THAT happening anytime soon.

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