The Simple Things

Last night while I was going through the web, trying to decide which outrageous outrage generated by D.C. I would blog about, one of my sons came up to me “I did it! I did it! Daddy, I did it, c’mon!” You see, he got a Spiderman toy for Christmas: it has a zip-line with two suction cups, and Spidey slides back and forth on the line. My twins are three years old, so they have trouble getting the cups to stick. After showing them how to do it, followed by a lot of frustration on their part, I was encouraging them to keep trying to do it on their own, so they could know that perseverance and determination pays off. While I was surfing, my oldest (by a minute) had moved the new art easel over to a wall and had gotten the suction cups to stick, all without me knowing.

The pure joy of accomplishment on his face, along with his excitement to show me his triumph just melted my heart. I put the laptop away, and spend the rest of the night playing Spiderman, transformers, knights, and whatever toy they could think of next.

You see, I think sometimes we get so caught up in our own worlds (if you’re a political junkie like me it’s about figuring out what’s going in in D.C., how it’s going to screw us, why the GOP seems so impotent, etc.), that we can forget about the little things right in front of us that bring us the most joy (or should, at least). That’s why I took the night off from politics, and I plan to spend today watching playoff football – hopefully with my boys, they’re fledgling Ravens fans, but still find Mickey Mouse more interesting than Ray Rice – eating some chili, and just spending some time with the family. While I’m still worried about the shenanigans along the Potomac, I’m going to enjoy putting it all aside for a few hours and enjoy simple things for a while.

Oh yeah, and GO RAVENS!


3 thoughts on “The Simple Things

  1. Since my Chiefs are not in (but now with Andy Reid, I at least have some hope again), I will gladly root for your guys.

    As long as SOMEONE beats the hated Patriots, I’m happy.

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