Chris Christie Unhinged

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a press conference today, during which he expressed his disgust over the fact that the Sandy Relief Bill was not voted on last night after the fiscal cliff deal. The kicker, the majority of his ire was directed at House Republicans and Speaker Boehner. Nevermind that the bill as sent over from the senate included as much pork spending as it did relief funds:

“There is only one group to blame,” Christie said. “The House Majority and John Boehner.”

Let’s also forget that:

The Sandy bill was not very popular with House Republicans for a variety of reasons, including the money there for NASA, head start programs outside the affected areas, and museum roofs. The Club for Growth opposes the bill because of the pork, scoring it a “key vote.”

[You can read the full bill here.]

Everyone knows that Christie is a bit of a loose canon, especially after his love-fest with Obama during the first few days after Sandy hit, but I don’t think many would have guessed that he’d turn his fire directly on House Republicans, especially considering all the pork in the bill was packed in there by the Senate and Harry Reid. What’s worse is that it came at a time when the Republican Party needs all the unity it can get for the upcoming debt ceiling talks (ok, we could have seen that coming since his man-crush on Obama came just before the presidential election). Where’s the outrage that the Reid would allow all this unecessary spending in a bill that is supposed to provide hurricane aid? I mean Christie is supposed to be a fiscal conservative isn’t he?

Actually, the answer to that riddle is that not only has he become unhinged, he may be delusional as well:

2 thoughts on “Chris Christie Unhinged

  1. Obama haters suffered divine justice and should off to Argentina where Croatian and Arab Nazis mete out homeland “security”

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