Welcome to Animus Turbare! I hope to add a unique voice to the state of politics and culture in which we find ourselves today. Yes, I know that there are an uncountable number of such blogs these days, but I hope to add an entertaining and informative voice to the cacophony of the chattering class, bloggers, tweeps, twerps, twits and everything in between. Feel free to read and add your comments.

I named this blog “Animus Turbare” to reflect my muddled thought process when presented with novel information. I usually try to see as many sides of an issue I can, then reason myself into a final position based on facts, my own views, as well as bouncing ideas off of others. This blog will share that process with the reader.

This is a brand new blog (and I’m new to blogging – finally making the commitment), so bear with me as I settle on formats, widgets, links, and the like. Your patience is appreciated.

Happy reading!

What do you think?

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